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Located along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Pasco County offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation and viewing nature. Numerous parks and nature preserves dot the county, including New Port Richey Recreation & Aquatic Center, Salt Springs State Park, and part of the Suncoast Trail. Heavy summertime rains, tropical storms, and low elevation can all wreak havoc on sewer lines and drains. At Viking Sewer Rehab, we're the go-to pipe lining company for all of your residential and commercial sewer lining as well as drain cleaning needs.

We know that you can't wait for sewer repairs or a properly functioning drain. We address issues quickly and have the right resources to complete jobs other companies won't touch. We finish sewer lining and drain cleaning projects in one day and get the work done right the first time. Our crew serves all of Pasco County. We assist home and business owners who need drain cleaning or sewer lining of their lateral or main sewer pipe. Let us help you with problems caused by:

  • Tree roots

  • Mineral scale

  • Leaks

  • Groundwater intrusion

  • Corrosion

  • Biofilm and waste clogs

  • Foul odors

  • Sewage floods

Pipe Lining, Drain Cleaning, and More

You can trust us for all types of sewer and drain services. We hold certification from Trenchless Today to install their durable and long-lasting pipe liners in laterals and main sewer lines. We also provide additional services to home and business owners in Pasco County. Contact us whenever you need:

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At Viking Sewer Rehab, we respect you and your property. Our rapid turnaround time and thorough work make us the right team to handle your sewer lining and drain cleaning needs. To schedule a service or learn more, about what our pipe lining company can provide, call us or fill out the form today.


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