The Top Name for Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy pipe coatings offer an alternative to traditional methods of pipe replacement. Instead of excavating a long trench on your property, bringing in heavy equipment, extracting the old pipe, and replacing it, we use trenchless equipment to line the pipe's interior with epoxy resins. The cured lining restores the damaged pipe and makes it as good as new. At Viking Sewer Rehab, we offer epoxy coatings to home and business owners throughout Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties.

Understanding Epoxy Coatings

To install epoxy coatings, we begin by preparing the pipe. This involves hydro-jetting to clear debris and mineral scale from the pipe's interior. We then run lines containing epoxy resin through the pipe. Every nook and cranny of the pipe's interior receives one or more layers of epoxy resin. We cure the resin with steam, hot air, or UV energy.

Epoxy coatings stand the test of time. They prevent leaks and groundwater infiltration. The epoxy resists damage from acidic, abrasive, and alkaline substances. Its strength prevents tree roots from infiltrating the pipe. This minimally invasive pipe restoration process won't displace you from your home or business. Because we don't have to dig trenches, you won't have to arrange for any property restoration.

Issues We Address With Epoxy Coatings

Homes and businesses in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties may experience pipe and sewer line damage from tree roots, compacted or shifted soil, high water tables, extreme precipitation, hard water, and improper flushing of fluids and solids. Look out for these signs that your sewer line or pipe could benefit from epoxy coating:

  • Foul odors from drains

  • Slow drains

  • Gurgling or bubbling drains

  • Standing water in the yard

  • Sewage backups

Applying epoxy coatings requires skill and access to the right equipment. We have the resources to get this done efficiently and correctly. We take on the residential and commercial jobs that other companies can't or refuse to do. As a certified Trenchless Today Affiliate installer, you can count on us for quality workmanship and guaranteed results. We use epoxy coatings to address common pipe and sewer line issues, including

  • Fractures

  • Cracks

  • Corrosion

  • Dents

  • Rust

  • Mineral deposits

Trust Us for All Your Epoxy Coating Needs

Epoxy coatings offer a long lifespan, durability, and adaptability to any size or type of pipe. Their cost-effectiveness, safety, and speedy curing time make them a top choice for trenchless pipe restorations. To obtain an estimate for epoxy coatings in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties or for additional information, get in touch with Viking Sewer Rehab any time.


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